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Beautifual sunshine on a cloudy day
Welcome to Sumpter Hts.
A bit of sunshine on a rainy day.

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  Barnboy poetry
The Face Edited

Home repairs
Barn repair
Sumpter hts Bed & Breakfast

Black Tie Affair
Music & poetry - audio in wav format
A day at the office with Barnboy
 Just Don - images of Don Sieloff

A few short clips in .MOV format

Talented Toes
Deb's art work
How to back braid rope

The Dogs
The Stray

The new puppy from the summer of 2008
About that puppy from 2008? Her she is in 2010
Dogs with friends playing at the pond
Pupski's sister Bella
Dogs with friends at the pond
Doggie's hard life...
2006 Doggie shows off her pond
Doggie helps hatch chickens
A visit from Nancy
 Doggie & Tom Turkey
A walk with Benji & Doggie
Give a dog a bone.......
Doggie vs Raccoon
Doggie vs Rat
A walk with The Mighty Benji gone but not forgotten

The Horses
More images of Picasso
Two Bits

The Sheep
Sheep in the house
Our first lambs

The Birds
Baby geese 2007
The New Geese

The Farm
A wander around the farm
Fall at the pond 2006
When cat's are to friendly.....
Honey Bees swarming 2006
 The bees swarmed 2003
Why our house is such a nice sleepy place......
Some of our first farm animals from 1992-1999